Agronomic Property DUE DILIGENCE

We can deliver in-depth property examination and farm productivity assessment, using our local knowledge, and extensive precision agriculture and crop development expertise, assisting our clients to make informed land investment decisions. We will provide independent and objective advice on how to maximise production and establish site-specific production management zones and programmes.

yearly Planning

We use real time production data to develop client-specific agri-solutions to drive informed decision-making. From analysing moisture content data and nutrition levels to planning for future crop rotations.

general inspections

The link between soil quality and water quality is strong, and good soil quality is critical to protecting water quality by functioning to hold water, adsorb nutrients, and retain other contaminants. Expert nutrient management is critical to maintaining adequate concentrations for crop production and maintaining soil quality. With regular crop inspections, we are positioned to provide expert soil nutrient management services. We manage the amount, source, timing, and method of nutrient application to optimise farm productivity, whilst minimising nutrient losses that could create environmental problems. We will:

  • account for all the potential sources of nutrients
  • develop nutrient budgets based on the levels present in the soil
  • determine the amount of nutrients needed by the crop
  • recommend the right blend of manures, composts, irrigation water, or inorganic fertilisers to meet the nutrient need of the crop
  • use site management practices to increase or maintain soil quality to reduce the potential for erosion and nutrient transport into surface water or nutrient-leaching into groundwater

Crop Development and Precision Agriculture Services

We have extensive experience in a broad range of precision agriculture techniques, including:

  • crop surveillance
  • soil management programmes
  • yield mapping
  • variable rate applications
  • surface and groundwater management
  • digital mapping
  • machinery optimisation and GPS guidance data management
We offer a comprehensive range of services that include all of the key areas that will make a positive difference to the productivity and efficiency of your farm, developing the poor into good, and the good into best. From collecting, analysing and understanding the right information, to qualified and experienced advice in the field, we offer a complete service for farmers looking to get more from every hectare, tailored specifically for your operation.

Reporting & analysis

We collect and analyse a wide range of data to help our key growers to make informed decisions, using a comprehensive CRM system with real-time reporting software. We collect, organise and clean your information, including:

This vast array of information can be georeferenced with GPS coordinates, and digitised into maps produced in a range of formats, turning your real-time data into decisions about your farming practices, tailored specifically for your farm.
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